I Still Believe Group Booking

Are you interested in group tickets for I STILL BELIEVE?

Option 1--Group sales (20 person minimum. A PRIVATE show is available for 50 person minimum for non-scheduled showtime or for regular showtimes with a sold-out auditorium)

--Option 1A--Open concessions, $7 per tickets (up to $10 value)

--Option 1B--Ticket, Small Popcorn, Small Drink, $13 (up to $19.65 value; must include all members of group)

Option 2--Group sales on Tuesday night (no minimum)

--Option 2A--Open concessions, $5.50 per ticket (This is our Bargain Tuesday price)

--Option 2B--Ticket, Medium Popcorn, Medium Drink, $12 (This is our Bargain Tuesday price. Up to $16.65 value; must include all members of group)

To reserve group showings:

Warrenton Cinema - Rachel Stout: warrentonmgr@gmail.com
Clintonia Eagle - Kelsa Bowen: kelsag@eagletheater.net
Eagle Theater (Robinson) - Kelsa Bowen: kelsag@eagletheater.net
Streator Eagle 6 - Rachel Rapson: rachelr@eagletheater.net


To buy individual tickets, click here.