Daily Specials


If you want to be a savvy Eaglet and maximize your rewards, come see a movie on Monday. We double the points you receive for our Fivestars reward program. Shazam! The points add up fast and you don’t have to clip a coupon or like a Facebook post to get this. Just show up and give us your cell phone number so we make sure you get your points.


On Tuesday, you can get a ticket, a medium drink, and a medium popcorn for as low as $12. This. Is. Our. Best. Deal. It is available to our Fivestars rewards members. (If you are a curmudgeon and don’t want to be in our Rewards program, we charge $13.50 on Tuesday.) And yes, if you just hate, hate, hate popcorn and drink, you can buy a ticket only for a reduced price. (3D movies have a surcharge)


Age has its privileges every Wednesday. If you are of a certain age (65 or older), we have a special price for you every Wednesday. Seniors pay $5.50 for a ticket ($5.49 plus tax in Warrenton) for every 2D movie. (3D movies have a surcharge)


How does the idea of FREE popcorn strike you? Every Thursday, we give away free popcorn. And our free popcorn has free refills, so it is like Free Squared™. Every theater has a little different way of handling this (we aren’t big on corporate rules). In Clinton and Warrenton, bring a container and we will fill it up. In Streator, we will fill one of our bags for you. 

In Robinson, our friends from First National Bank of Olney supply the bags! 

PLEASE NOTE: Free popcorn Thursday does NOT apply to movie premieres and certain holidays